Systematic Review of Condom Promotion and Use for HIV Prevention in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia from an Anthropological Perspective

This site presents a report that assesses all of the recent research on why people in five countries do or do not use condoms to prevent HIV infections. The author, a relative outsider, was commissioned to bring a fresh perspective on the issue. Thus, the report makes recommendations for better research on condom use in this region. My model contains two major components:

  • Ethnographic participant-observation, which is discussed in various parts of the report, especially under the heading, Suggestions for future research.
  • The systematic study of trash, or garbology, as I’ve described in a blog post and elaborated on in another.

This report covers all research published from 1998 to 2013 and was completed in April 2014. You can either download the PDF (854K) or read individual chapters online; the formatting of the PDF makes the relationship among the parts clearer.

A shorter article delineating major problems with data in the quantitative literature is here.

I apologize for the typos.

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